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Job Number - J0114-0214 - Agency/Search Firm

Title: Field Service Technician
No.Openings: 2
Category: Operations
Position Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Date (d/m/y): 29/01/2014
Posting Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy):

Job Description The main function of the Field Service Technician will be to test, troubleshoot, repair and/or replace electronic devices on customer site.

• Test electronic devices and diagnose problems.
• Efficiently troubleshoot various devices while respecting customer satisfaction and cost control.
• Communicate with the Service Desk to confirm, update and close service calls.
• Communicate with the technical support team if necessary.
• Replace varied pieces of the equipment and offer training to customers concerning their functioning.
• Install and upgrade software.
• Maintain an updated inventory of all new, used and returned equipment.
• Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment.
• Fill in work orders, expense reports, inventory sheets and timesheets properly and submit them on time.
• Post-secondary education diploma in electronics or information technology.
• 1-2 years of experience as a technician in client service.
• Ability to test and troubleshoot basic electronic (analog and digital), POS and PC-related systems.
• Very strong customer service skills.
• Very strong time management and priority management skills.
• Excellent knowledge of English (written/spoken).
• Possession of a valid driving license.
• Shift work requiring the Field Service Technician to be available during the workweek and on weekends.


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